The Janzen Wahl Group has one of the most advanced precision cleaning facilities in the United States.  Our engineers and technicians maintain an extensive library of specifications and procedures and can meet any customer requirements.  Our Arizona cleanroom facility includes a Fed-Std-209 certified Class 100 and Class 10,000 cleanrooms.  Because of these qualification, we serve clients nationally.   

Inspection and Test Equipment

• Helium leak detector
• Residual gas analyzer
• Precision scales
• High pressure test station to 17,000 psi
• Long wave UV  inspection equipment
• Microscopic inspection and counting scopes with digital cameras
• pH meters and standards
• Conductivity meters and standards



• Precision ultra-sonic cleaning equipment
• Ultra-sonic, vapor degreaser
• High pressure flushing equipment
• 3 station distillation suite for solvent purification and reclamation
• Numerous vacuum ovens
• Turbo-molecular high vacuum and Dry scroll vacuum pump stations
• De-ionized water supply (18 meg-ohm)
• Cleanroom packaging equipment