Multi-chemistry, Ultra-sonic Cleaning

The Janzen Wahl Group’s proprietary technology recovers, distills and purifies AK-225 used in the cleaning process. This recovery reduces the cost of cleaning with this expensive solution, and also reduces the environmental impact of clients’ cleaning requirements.

  • Our mechanical scrub, using surfactant (RBS-pF), removes cutting fluids, oils and other tenacious soils.

  • Micro brushes are used for small diameter holes and other “tough to reach” places.  

  • Ultra-sonic cleaning in surfactant and filtered DI H2O energizes internal and external surfaces mechanically.  

  • Ultra-sonic cleaning in fresh, filtered DI H2O removes traces of surfactant left from the previous step.

  • Ultra-sonic cleaning in purified IPA (or acetone) removes water left from previous step.

  • Syringe flushing with purified and filtered AK-225 (or HFE 7100 or Vertrel) removes invisible film of residue left from IPA or acetone.  This leaves the hardware ready for verification.