Tucson Community Support - Thanksgiving

Tucson's Salvation Army serves approximately 2,500 meals each Thanksgiving Day.  The Monday before the 2017 Thanksgiving they had only 40 turkeys for the annual banquet.  The organization was short 300 birds and issued an urgent request for support.  The staff at Janzen Wahl was proud to donate some of the 800 turkeys that were provided. 

All three Tucson local community food banks then had all turkeys needed and also have the birds needed for the upcoming 2017 Christmas meals.  

Thanks to all that support the Salvation Army.  Janzen Wahl will make this an annual effort in the years to come.



Thanksgiving 2017 Meals.jpg

Janzen Wahl Successfully Completes 2016 AS9100 Recertification

Janzen Wahl successfully completed their 2016 annual AS9100 re-certification with no nonconformities.  

Audit Summary:

" Key Issues/Concerns Requiring Top Management Attention:   The management of the company has changed. The new management is doing some very good things to enhance customer satisfaction in addition to streamlining the system to make it more efficient.

Strengths and Good Practices:   The organization is committed to customers, quality  and continual improvement. The shop area is clean, neat and well organized.  The employee owners are doing a very good job."

JW Enhances Company-Wide Productivity Through Adoption of Quickbase

Janzen Wahl has incorporated Inuit's Quickbase software into it's company-wide systems.  This includes drastically improved control and monitoring of purchase orders, time reporting, corrective actions, training, equipment calibration, document control, and preventative maintenance.  

The changes have already proven to make daily tasks are more efficient, and critical decision-making steps are made with more accurate information.  This is all done to provide greater quality of service to our customers.

Janzen Wahl enhances profile on ThomasNet

Starting this January, Janzen Wahl has enhanced our profile on ThomasNet.  This was done to better allow industry procurement staff, engineers, buyers, and customer management to learn about the capabilities that Janzen Wahl offers.  It is believed that this will expand the Janzen Wahl customer base further into the medical, automotive, and other industry segments.

Janzen Wahl's ThomasNet Page

ThomasNet backgroundThomasNet, is an online platform for supplier discovery and product sourcing in the USA and Canada. It was once known as the "big green books" and "Thomas Registry", and was a multi-volume directory of industrial product information covering 650,000 distributors, manufacturers and service companies within 67,000-plus industrial categories that is now published on ThomasNet.

The books were first published in 1898 by Harvey Mark Thomas as Hardware and Kindred Trades. In their heyday, Thomas Register of American Manufacturers was a 34-volume, 3 section buying guide offering sourcing information on industrial products and services, along with comprehensive specifications and detailed product information from thousands of manufacturers. The company stopped publishing its print products in 2006."

Raytheon Benchmarking

Janzen Wahl completed a detailed bench-marking trip of the Raytheon Missile Systems precision cleaning facilities in Tucson, AZ.  On November 9th, Janzen Wahl engineering and cleanroom staff completed a bench-marking tour of the Raytheon facilities to learn best-practices.

Many good practices were documented that will be adopted at the Janzen Wahl cleanroom facilities.  This will include new equipment and operating procedures.